“The Way Home” is a roguelike ARPG. Kevin and Cheese find themselves on a strange island, and embark on an adventure to return home. The story is not complex, but we think the plot and ending will be enjoyed by many players and give them something to ponder, which will lead to a sense of immersion and falling in love with the game.


The Way Home was developed with the developer's cat as the main character in February 2021. We are completely independent of everything, including the capital, and are completely focusing on the game that we want to make.


  • A map that looks like a human-generated one is automatically generated by the algorithm. You can enjoy every battle in a new pattern.
  • In each battle, the battle proceeds by strategically combining 15 or more different skills.
  • You can construct the buildings and decorate the village with the resources collected in the dungeon.
  • You can feel not only the warm sensibility of pixel art but also the realism of the light and shadows.
  • Continue your exploration as you follow an engaging story.


Google Indie Game Festival Korea 2021 Top3

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Roguelike
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen

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is this a demo because I feel like I'm not able to experience the whole thing. I watched the trailer and saw a big island with all kinds of fun stuff, but I don't have that. I haven't downloaded and I play the browser version.

not bad, but... i would apreciate play in full screen.


I think i got softlocked, I opened the chest on level 3 1/4 from a corner and i made the waypoint but I cant talk to lucy

I got the full version on IOS but can’t find the last boss key. Think it’s supposed to drop in the 3/3F chest but it only gives me random items. I’ve unlocked everything and beat the other bosses. Soft lock Sad face

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I dig this little game, but I've noticed that items that have life steal property to them appear to steal from you instead of the enemy.  Is that intentional?  Are they supposed to be considered "cursed" items?

I'm really enjoying the mobile version, but I really have to agree that the lifesteal is basically useless. Some balance tweaks, especially in the later dungeons, would make this game amazing.

Are there any codes?

Great game. I did play this back during the beta but never got a gift code. Not sure what that does at all but the game is a lot of fun and I am really enjoying it!!

This is an AWESOME game! The mix of all game elements, and there's a lot (Rogue like/Dongeon crawling/Action RPG/Survival crafting/Base building/Minimalist pocket game), is incredibly well balanced and well though! I already have about 6 to 10 hours playing and I bought the deck blueprint so I could continue without the adds. 8$ for a game this quality is a very well invested 8 bucks! And btw, I found very funny the way the ingeneer insists on his need of money. It is really refreshing to feel all the creativity behing this game that so much games lack these days. This is a BIG 9/10 for me! There is still room for improvement... and I would definitely LOVE a local multiplayer mode, but its already a MUST download and buy! Thanks a lot for this jewel!


Things I, and many others, have issues with:

1. The skill lottery: 80% of the skills are useless (ex.: lifesteal is incredibly unbalanced) due to the loss they bring which makes the loterry incredibly frustrating. I'd rather pick my useable skills completely. The Archero inspiration is pretty obvious, not necessarily bad, but still. 

2. The paywall and ad tsunami. Advertising the game as A a game and B as free only for the player to hit a paywall after the first Boss is incredibly disingenuous, not to mention that to get the deck "freely" you have to watch at least 20 ads which is at least 10min of waiting time. That's for every New Island too. That's not all though. Not just every time one starts a run you will get hit with an ad ontop of all of that, but every floor? That's too much dude and frankly quote ridiculous. This is a Demo desperate for money, not a game. What's funny though is that the players literally feel like Cheese. 

You might reach 500k downloads, but not many will keep the game. 

Check out the way "My little universe" handle this. They listen to their fanbase and managed to find a solution for the ad stuff while keeping the game super attractive. 

The game is great, well designed, good dialogue, only a few grammar mistakes and nice variety, but those two issues up there are big and can land you a bad image. I understand that this is work and you need to be payed, but there's a way to get that. Deceit ain't it. 

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I disagree when you say few people will keep the game. My little universe is so repetitive and boring... in a way the two games are similar... and so different! The grinding in The way home feels so much more entertaining and satisfying compared to my little universe! :/


Not many ≠ few people

Also "My little universe" got major overhauls and rebalanced sporting 6 whole worlds and realistic pricegrowth with good rewards after every ad YOU DECIDE TO WATCH

The grinding in "The way home" is annoying too ngl. You loose 2/3 of your stuff when you die (and you start dying very quickly from Island 3 onward even with everything maxed out) and you don't even get to decide which 1/3 you get to keep. You always keep the least valuable 1/3

I can't agree with your take and advise you to revisit My little universe and take a good look

Is ice/cold a completely useless element? Ice Orbs and any bow with an ice damage attribute always has a 0% slow, meaning it does absolutely nothing


fun game, but when you leave a dungeon, you lose all your gear (except your bow.) Is this a bug or a feature?

Of course it's a feature, the game is a roguelike lol

My bad, I didn't realize that every time you entered the cave thing would be considered a "run", as I'm used to having when you die the run is over, but rather in this game you may chose when your run is over, (or you just die).

Ahh yeah that makes sense lol

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Hey there! I‘ve been playing your game on iOS for a few weeks, and I can tell you it’s probably my NEW FAVORITE GAME!! Everything about it is SO CUTE! Great job!👏

A question I have is, if you don’t mind telling, what is the gift for pre-purchasers? :)

And I experienced a bug where if I click the portal to go out of a dungeon when there are still monsters to fight, then I’m unable to move, unless I restart the app.

Overall, I AM IN LOVE! 😻 Can’t wait for more updates!! <3

I'd like to know that too!

I played the game and it's really good, but I got stuck on the part of find coaster dog, somone knows how find jack? (coaster dog name is Jack)

Watch this

I moved the project main page here.

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A version of this game was released before the game jam started, so I don't wanna rate this game 'cause it break the rule.

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Thanks for the feedback :)

I removed submit this game from the GMTK 2021. 
GTMK can use existing code or art, but I think it might not be fair, as you mentioned.
I love my game, so I don't want this game to be controversial.


GTMK said that "part" of the code can be used, but you have to create the mainly part during the jam.
Btw your game is awesome i wait for update and release.

Very well done man. Actually tried to finish it.
And Failed :-)

Thanks for the playing :)

Blown away art sound and mechanics fell like I paid 20 buks to play this but since the game jam is not over you might want to know  you spelled" you will be born again, wou will be born again " awesome game cant believe you made it so fast

I wrote it down in the description, but only the doggy parts is the part implemented in gmtk jam. 

The base game is really nice but some sort of tutorial or explanation would be nice. I can't figure out what resources do and I didn't know how to attack for a while. Also the dog doesn't really feel like it matters. If the dog wasn't there the gameplay would change very little. If the dog could move you more it felt like it made more of a difference, I think it would fit the theme better.

Thanks for the feedback

wow very fun and well designed

Thanks :D

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It lacks explanation, I didn't know I could equip items till I read the comments and saw someone talking about equipping an item. I tried pressing "i" and many other buttons since I was getting some items, but nothing happened. Write about it in the instructions at least so the player can know about that possibility, and even better if you can add tha shortcut.

It has great potential, by the way. I hope you can continue to develop it, it's pretty fun to play it o( ̄▽ ̄)d

Thanks for the feedback. It seems to have been explained a bit. Some people didn't notice some features. Short cuts are also a good idea :)

Good game, I would suggest making mouse click to mine or break objects to be held instead of just released.

Btw, how did you generate the levels? Do you heave a source where i could learn it?


Thanks for the feedback. A resource or object can be destroyed with a mouse click while being targeted. There was a lack of explanation in the game.

Below is an article I wrote a few days ago about the cave-dungeon-generation. Hope this helps!

Hello, the link to the article doesn’t work for me :(

cool game


i liked it. There is bug: when you equip green bow, orbs start rotating very fast and one-shoting everyone

Thanks for the bug report! I’ll check!


Cool game, really addictive and could be a real game tbh. Shame you can't do more with the dog, if you could I feel like it would tie in better with the theme. Overall really good though, impressive work!

Thanks :D
There's still time until the deadline, so I'll have to do something more.
Thanks for the feedback!

Hmm good i am working on my project for gmtk game jam too project will upload soon 

My game name: Where's my ball?

So good work🤘

Sorry I couldn't play your game that's because your game required a PC.
I only have a MacM1. Anyway, I hope your game goes well too.

pretty nice game overall however doesn't really fit with the jam theme

Thanks for the review :)